#PeopleWhoMadeMy2015 & my Best Wishes for a Sparkling 2016!

Ian Purtel Restaurant Director and Sommelier
I am proud to name person of the year 2015 Ian Purtel for being such a sparkling Sommelier and a fantastic ambassador for Cellier Domesticus technology as well as Gabriel-Glas.

He is the director of the only 6 sommeliers team east of Canada and collaborates with the talented Chef Jean-Francois Methot. We first met in Decembre 2014 at his restaurant le Coureur des Bois Bistro Culinaire, with 13 000 bottles of the finest wines. It was logical for them to secure their wine cellar with Cellier Domesticus technology.
Of course you can find there any vintage of Petrus or exclusive Ruinart, but the finest wines are well paired with the food. Pairing wine and food is here done with excellence not only because of an impressive wine list and a fine selection of local food, but the complicity of Ian and Jean-Francois makes the sommelier team and the kitchen team work in true harmony. This melody ends in your plate and in your glass providing a unique experience. A good showcase of this talent is definitely last month  Banquet Ruinart


So in December 2015 he naturally helped me with a Champagne communication as Le Coureur des Bois is Ruinart Brand Ambassador.
We did quite well with more than 6000 views in a week with this tweet alone :


Ian and Robert Parker
I truly admire Ian for his professionalism and the way he can connect with the finest people in the wine world. His wine cellar is visited by the best winemakers of the world and even Robert Parker this year paid a visit! Ian is far from being snobbish and always wishes to please EVERY customer. I predict for him a great year 2016 and he will surely upgrade his Best of Award to a Grand Award from WineSpectator.
There are many amateurs in the wine business but,

Ian acts and plays like a Pro!

2015 was also marked by important people in my life of entrepreneur and for Cellier Domesticus :

Thank you Claudine and Stephen Bronfman for naming me Emerging Entrepreneur of the year in 2015, for my contribution to Quebec Economy.  My C2Montreal experience was unique from the preparation cocktail at SidLee with medias (video) to the C2MTL ending party drinking Champagne in the VIP corner. But most of all I was really overwhelmed by their generosity and how available they were for every of the 25 winners. For that I name them the most important contribution to my startup.

Two unforgettable moments were two private sessions with Chelsea Clinton and Rangu Salgame from Tata Communication. But even the first conference of David Rose about enchanted objects was also very inspiring right from the opening of #C2MTL.

The 24 emerging entrepreneurs, Chelsea Clinton, Claudine and Stephen Bronfman and ME!
Rangu Salgame from Tata Communication

Second year in a row I must thank La Fondation Montreal inc for it’s unconditional help & support.




Probably one of the most exciting Trip of the year was @BonAppetech for #33entrepreneurs startup contest in San Francisco. The #goodfoodinnovation conference was focusing on Food and Beverage industry. It was good food for the brain and an incredible insight on the future of wine industry. An inspiring moment and visiting Napa was also not bad 😉
We are in love with you California and the Bay. We’ll be back in 2016.



Here is the review of our viral tweeter sparkling campaign to close 2015:

Don’t forget your #resolutions2016 🙂


This tweet below received the best score with 8000 views in 48h, as we promote natural aging for wine, our marketing is 100% organic with no paid views :

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js I wish you an Happy New Year 2016,
Bubbly cheers!


Franck Boulbès CEO-Président

Certified optimal temperature.wine 
temperature.vin certifiée optimale


The Enchanted Objects, #IoT by David Rose @C2MTL : design, human and magic!

 #C2Montreal started with David Rose and his Enchanted Objects, it was the perfect fit for me and very useful for my business Cellier Domesticus. David Rose, in my opinion, is a prophet in electronic engineering and digital technology, with his work at MIT Media Lab. Probably the most relevant speaker I have ever heard with a great vision for IoT (Internet of Things). From this moment, C2MTL became a succession of #RevElevation (my hashtag creation for « elevate your dreams » as Rêve means dream in french). As one of the 25 emerging entrepreneurs chosen by Stephen and Claudia Bronfman Fondation, I had in mind that my perspective would change, but as much in an hour, wow! He confirmed me that for any IT company, developers and innovation are much important than data storage or cable speed. David Rose was limpid, it’s not a question of connectivity but a question of design, being useful to human and giving a little magic in your life.

David Rose :
« Objects are avatar for services »
« Computer efficiency is adding motion and magic with IoT »

At Ambiant Devices,  many interesting projects like a light that changes colour with the weather, the market trend… A simple but very intelligent example was the umbrella, that will lights up when it’s going to rain. I also loved the Door Bell ringing when someone is reaching home within a few miles.
That was a very good example of Anticipation Power. Read the future that is really magic.

Another magical power, is teleportation. Kind of a sneak peek of this power : The google earth coffee table form Mr Rose was for sure a very explicit example. I was envious of having the same one to play with my son at home, to show him parts I know of France for example. 

EnchantedObjects you can find NEST as an Enchanted Thermostat :
Learns your routines to heat or cool your house at the right times.
What about our technology, is the Guardian Angel from Cellier Domesticus Enchanted ?

Our first concern was the DESIGN, even for the first prototype I wanted the sensor in a wood bottle to fit the wooden racks. No way I would put an antenna near my old Sauterne. Sure our product name is divine : Guardian Angel, but our connected bottle-sensor is acting like an alarm system through alerts and protect in real time the wine cellar. 
Then a cellar on the cloud, meaning you can access in real time temperature and humidity form any device is convenient and it is obvious that everything needs a cloud now.
Ok it’s good looking, useful and even necessary for wine investment, freedom of the cloud is cool, but monitoring temperature and humidity is not enchanted or magic.

The magic is in our patented method of controlling climate. You can now teleport a climate from any place in the world at any depth. Meaning that if you want to have the exact climate of a natural cellar in Champagne at 15 meters deep you can! Playing with climate like god by TELEPORTATION of terroir this is kind of enchanted. Best of all replicating natural seasons pattern you can save up to 70% of your energy cost. Even better than a Nest in your wine cellar!

Ultimately, the Guardian Angel also have an ANTICIPATION power, by letting you know how fast your wine cellar is aging each specific origin and climate. Thank you David Rose for giving us so much enlightenment on what we have been intuitively driven developing our product. I hope to be a good IoT/Jedi and Mr Rose you are a spiritual mentor!

May the magical force be with David and for a long time…

Franck Boulbès CEO of Cellier Domesticus
Empowering #winelovers with better wines & less energy!