Pinot Noir Tasting Toolkit

You love wine, but sometimes you search for your words to describe it? Bookmark this page to enrich your technique and vocabulary about a very famous red grape: PINOT NOIR

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Pinot Noir is used alone in Burgundy to make nearly all red wines from there. In Champagne it’s used with Chardonnay or Pinot Meunier, probably because of that and because most expensive red wines like Domaine Romanée Conti are made of it, passionate people about this grape give a a reputation of a snob grape well expressed in the film Sideways a total ode to Pinot Noir.
The fact that it is mainly suitable in cool climate, you’ll find it mainly in Burgundy in France, in Switzerland, USA, Australia, New Zealand and even Canada (Ontario like at Prince Edward County).

Richebourg from Henri Jayer was heralded in 2015, world’s most expensive wine at 15 195$ per bottle!

Nuis-Saint-Georges, Aloxe-Corton, Gevrey-Chambertin, Marsannay, Santenay you can’t go wrong :


Because it can be very light you have to be precocious with Pinot Noir, don’t match a great burgundy with a very spicy dish or you may cover it’s delicate and silky profile.
A bit different if coming from the new from the old world, a good match is certainly Duck. I would go for Duck confit with old world and roasted duck if from the New World.

Duck Confit TIP : There is two things very important to succeed confit, it needs to be fatty and not dry, also the good amount of salt can be difficult to achieve. If you do confit I also strongly advise to buy the whole duck and use all the other parts to make so amazing appetizer. HERE find a FULL DUCK MENU

Roasted Duck : One of the best roasted duck I have ever made was first smoked with oak from a wine barrel for 4 hours at 100°F, then I kept it overnight wrap in plastic film. The day after I roasted it on the BBQ. If you can’t smoke the duck a good TIP is to ‘faisander‘ overnight by mixing Jack Daniels with spices and herbs all over the duck and inside the beast. Leave it in the fridge overnight et « voilà » it’s like smoked!

Cheers to your next Pinot’ experience!

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