We wish you a perfect year 2015

Dear #WineLover,

Happy new year 2015!

We are proud to reveal our last innovation « Reach the peak, for every bottle »!
Our bottle sensor is not only the best monitoring and control technology for a wine cellar, it’s much more than a remote control.
From your real conditions in your cellar, it lets you know when a bottle is ready!
The world only smart thermostat for a wine cellar now help you manage peak time (« apogee »), because you want every bottle opened to be perfect and ready!

Visit a few World-Class Chais climate remotely applied in your wine cellar with


Welcome in 2.0 1 5 ,

Where the Wine Cellar is intelligent, connected and custom to fit your needs and palate !!!
We wish you to be in perfect harmony with your passion.
Because our product is so energy efficient you’ll feel proud to save your WINE and the PLANET!

Cellier Domesticus Team

Franck Boulbès CEO of Cellier Domesticus
Empowering #winelovers with better wines & less energy!