Shiraz Duck Prosciutto

Shiraz Duck Prosciutto

Cured meat is a bit like wine it’s improving with time. So if you love shiraz or syrah and duck, here is a recipe that combines Duck Prosciutto & Shiraz.

Our first #reciporn = foodporn+wineporn! Just on time for Christmas celebrations.

It’s super easy, less than 30 minutes preparation and mainly all you need is a duck breast, a ton of salt and wine.

Ingrédients :

  • Duck breast
  • Salt (a lot and raw salt is better/cheaper)
  • 2 oz of red wine (Shiraz)
  • Salt and pepper
  • Dry herbs

Equipment :

  • Ziplock
  • Clean dish cloths and paper towel
  • Patience to wait the 2 weeks drying!


MAGRET SÉCHÉ (ma-grey say-chay in frenh) /Cured meat duck breast

STEP 1 Salt+wine Cooking

  1. Like picture above cover red meat with herbs, salt & pepper.
  2. In a ziplock put some raw salt (in big chunks) place magret fat skin down.
  3. Add raw salt on red meat and 1 once of Shiraz. Close ziplock removing air.
  4. Store at the bottom of your fridge for 18 hours.


STEP 2 Drying

  1. Rince in clear water
  2. Add water in a bowl with 1 oz of Shiraz to cover magrets, let it sleep 30min in the fridge.
  3. Dry with a paper towel.
  4. Add Pepper, piment d’Espelette (paprika, red pepper…) and dry herbs.
  5. Roll in a clean dish cloth.
  6. Let it sleep in the refrigerator bottom rack for 2-3 weeks.


I strongly recommend that you buy a complete duck, you’ll get two breasts for the price of one!
If follow my list of recipes, you’ll get confit and duck rillette too here!
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Sauvignon Blanc Tasting Toolkit

You love wine, but sometimes you search for your words to describe it? Bookmark this page to enrich your technique and vocabulary about one great white grape : SAUVIGNON BLANC

This infographic was made by Cellier Domesticus from infos of  Social Vignerons. Read more HERE


Despite all the Chardonnay lovers and I am huge fan of Chablis or Meursault but we got to remember how Sauvignon Blanc makes great wines! In the old world, you can’t miss Loire or Bordeaux use it alone in Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé. Saint-Bris in Burgundy is also sometimes forgotten that it is good and more than suitable for cooler climate. With the addition of semillon you can also find dry whites like Fumé Blanc, or sweet wines like Sauternes probably the most famous desert/foie gras wine.
New-Zealand export Sauvignon at 90%, but you’ll find Sauvignon also in the USAustraliaSouth Africa or Argentina.

Quite good too if you can age it in a wine cellar, and a way more affordable Sauternes is

Sancerre recommandations one expensive and one more affordable :

Now in Pouilly-Fume one expensive choice and a second more affordable :
WARNING : Don’t get confused between Pouilly-Fume from Loire made with Sauvignon and Pouilly-Fuisse from Burgundy made with Chardonnay!

For any recommandation from New Zealand, I strongly advise you to visit available reviews of our partner Julien Miquel from Social Vignerons, wine expert located in NZ.  

So I will drop one famous one only :

I’d like to mention South Africa for being a great region for Sauvignon, not too fruity and less on the tropical notes. Probably the older wine history in the new world, back in 1685!
In Granitic mountains and a light breeze of the Ocean is the wine from Klein Constantia, excellent and very refreshing with light fruits and perfect acidity. A kind of an old school Sauvignon from Loire or Saint-Bris, neither to herbaceous or exotic. Well balanced :


Because it’s a fresh wine (specially from cool climate) with a often mint touch and usually herbaceous notes. Note that from Loire it will be more crispy and grassy if from New Zealand’s like Marlborough. Known to be very fruity, Sauvignon will tend to be either on the citrus / pink grapefruit side or more exotic with pineapple / kiwi aromas on the other side.
As a fresh white it should pair well with Salmon, Tuna or Shellfish, but depending on the style pairing could be great with lamb or goat cheese!

Need help for #Christmas MENU, Check « MENU Accords Mets et Vins » Full Sauvignon!!!

Cheers to your next Sauv’ experience!

Every wine offered is provided with picture and link from wine-searcher to help you find your local store worldwide. For people in Quebec, every wine is available at SAQ or through private importers at least!

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